Coronavirus Precautions

To ease your mind a bit about some precautions we are taking with Covid-19. We always sanitize our brushes in between each client, sanitize our hands, and avoid double dipping in any cream or liquid based products, using disposable mascara wands, depotting product as needed, etc. So, while we always practice these sanitary guidelines, we will be sure during this time to be even more diligent.
In addition, I have asked all of our team members to let me know if they are feeling even a bit under the weather and will be having other artists on our team fill in if needed. The artist on site will be wearing a mask for the duration of the appointment, as long as they are able to do so. We ask that if you are receiving services, that you wear a mask when possible, during hair and for most of the makeup application. Our artists have all been sanitation certified, and most have recently taken and passed the Barbicide course on Covid-19 specifically.
We ask that no more than 10 people be in the room where services are being performed, and that everyone keep social distancing guidelines in mind as much as possible.
Our artists may need to start a bit earlier than usual to allot extra time for additional sanitation of work areas, or outdoor breaks from wearing the mask.
If you have any questions, please let me know via the Contact page.

As of 6/20/21, mask mandates have been lifted. If you would still like to request your artists wear a mask, please message us ahead of time.

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