Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer Hair and Makeup for Photoshoots, Military Balls, other Special Occasions; Makeup-Lessons?
Yes! We offer Hair and Makeup services for all occasions. We offer Day Rates for Photoshoots, Commercial, TV/Film work, etc. as well as A La Carte options. Contact us with your specific needs for rates.
We also offer Makeup Artistry and Hair Styling lessons both one-on-one and in group settings. We offer classes for aspiring professionals and individuals at various skill levels.

What is your pricing?
You can view our detailed Wedding Pricing on each location’s pricing page. Savannah, GA Services/Prices, Hudson Valley, NY Services/Prices, Austin, TX Services/Prices, Washington, DC Services/Prices, Colorado Springs, CO Services/Prices. For other events, photoshoots, etc. please Contact Us with your specific needs for rates.

What are your travel fees?
We are an all on-location business. So that means we typically travel to our clients for both their special day, and for any preview appointments that are booked. We have a flat travel fee per artist per date for all locations within Savannah, Austin, Colorado Springs($40), DC($50). All other locations, we calculate the travel fee at $2.50 per mile, charged one way. The travel fees cover the IRS standard costs of operating an automobile, and just a bit extra to compensate our artists for their travel time.

What is a Preview?
A Preview is an appointment before the big day that allows you to make edits to hone & perfect the look. This keeps everything stress-free and on-schedule for your wedding or special event.
We reserve 60 minutes for your Hair preview and 60 minutes for your Makeup preview. This is typically enough time to make edits to perfect one look. If you are interested in testing multiple looks, you may need to book two previews, which can be scheduled back to back or on separate days.

Is a Bridal Hair and Makeup Preview required?
It is not required, but highly recommended. We understand that sometimes scheduling a preview is not feasible, especially for our destination brides. However, doing a preview ensures that the wedding day goes smoothly, and you can relax knowing you will love your hair and makeup look.
If a preview is not done, we may need to spend extra time on the wedding day making slight adjustments to your hair and/or makeup to get it exactly the way you’ve envisioned your Bridal Look. This can make the getting ready portion of your day a bit stressful and can even cause everything to run late. Unless your artist has been booked for the All Day Package, they may not be able to stay later than scheduled, as sometimes our artists are booked on multiple weddings on the same day, especially during our busier wedding seasons.
About 75% of our brides decide to do a preview before the big day, and 100% of them would tell you that the peace of mind, ease of stress, and keeping everything on schedule for the big day was worth it!

When should I schedule my Bridal Hair & Makeup Preview?
We recommend doing your preview about 1-2 months prior to the wedding, once you have all of your hair accessories, jewelry, theme and really narrowed down the hair and makeup look you’d like, and also so that your hair is a similar length and color as the big day. We’ve found that when brides do their preview too early, many end up booking a second preview closer to the wedding once they have a better idea of exactly how they want to look on the big day. If you would really like to do a preview prior to booking, we can accommodate that, but would recommend scheduling a second preview closer to the wedding.

Can I schedule my Bridal Hair & Makeup Preview on the same day as my Engagement Photo Session?
The purpose of a preview is to narrow down the exact look you’d like to wear on the wedding day, so that the wedding day goes smoothly. It is also beneficial to wear the look for several hours so that we can see if we need to make any edits for the wedding day, such as using extra hairspray, bobby pins, different makeup products, etc. If you will be wearing your hair and makeup the exact same at your engagement shoot as the wedding day, we’d be happy to schedule your preview for the engagement shoot date.
If you will be wearing your hair and/or makeup differently at the engagement shoot versus the wedding day, we suggest booking a Special Occasion Hair & Makeup appointment with us for the day of your engagement shoot, and then a Bridal Hair & Makeup Preview on another day.
Additionally, we reserve only 60 minutes for your Hair preview and 60 minutes for your Makeup preview. This is typically enough time to test and make slight edits to perfect one look. If you are interested in testing multiple looks, you may need to book two previews, which can be scheduled back to back.

Is there a salon I can come to?
We are an all on-location business, and do not run a salon. We usually come to our clients at their home, hotel, wedding planner’s offices, or wedding venue. We do have a couple of options for you if you’ll only be coming into town for the day and do not have a location we can come to. Some of our artists have the ability to host clients in their home or studio space, but not all. We also have some partnerships where you can rent studio space hourly. Or if you have any other friends/vendors with a space we can use, we can do that as well.

Will my Hair and Makeup last all day?
Each person’s unique, natural, hair texture has an effect on how long their hairstyle will hold. If you are aware that your hair does not hold a curl well, please let your hair stylist know so that we can use a few of our tricks to get them to hold longer. Updos typically hold much longer than loose curls. We use Anti-Humidity hair products to help reduce frizz and maintain curls. We have many tricks that we use to prolong the wear of your hairstyle, and many of our clients say that their hairstyle looked amazing through the end of their night; it just depends on how hard you rock the dance floor at the reception!
The Makeup we use is a 16-plus hour wear, transfer and water resistant. Your makeup will stay put all throughout your big day. Typically the only thing that you will need to touch up would be your lip color, due to all of the eating, drinking, and kissing you’ll be doing! Our Bridal Makeup applications include a lip color for you to keep for this purpose. Bridesmaids and Family can also purchase a lip color to keep as an add-on option, or you can purchase them for everyone as a Bridesmaids’ gift.
If you tend to be a heavy crier, a head-banger on the dance floor, would like to change up your hair and/or makeup look for the reception, or your wedding or photos will be outside during a very hot month and you’re worried about sweating, we’d recommend booking an All Day Package so that you can have an artist on hand for touch-ups throughout the day.

Should I have clean or dirty hair?
We recommend that you wash, condition and blow dry your hair the night before the wedding/event. If you have selected a blow-dry, you should wash and condition your hair right before your appointment, brush it out and wrap it in a towel. It should still be damp when your artist arrives.
Some people have heard that dirty hair is best for styling. While it is true that freshly washed hair can sometimes lack enough texture to hold curls well, we bring texturizing products with us to give us the grip and hold we may need. Also, if your hair has not been washed in a couple days, the oil build up actually makes it more difficult to get a curl to hold.
A blow-dry is a separate service, and requires extra time and an extra cost. To add-on a blow-dry is an extra $50. Please make sure your entire bridal party arrives with dry hair unless they have pre signed-up/paid for a blow-dry.

How long can I keep my faux lashes on; how do I remove them?
We recommend removing your lashes before you go to sleep. The faux lashes we use are meant to only be worn for one day. The glues we use are gentle and will not damage your lashes if removed properly. If you have a latex allergy, please let us know in advance so that we can bring a non-latex glue with us.
The glue is softened when soaked in water. To remove, close your eyes and hold a warm, wet, soapy, washcloth on your eyes for a couple minutes. Then rub gently in a downward motion and the lashes will slide right off. Do not pull off your faux lashes while dry.

Do you offer Traditional or Airbrush Makeup?
Some of our artists offer Traditional cream/liquid foundation, Airbrush foundation or both. Either option will be long-wearing and work well for all skin-types. If you have a preference between the two types of foundation, please let us know at the time of booking so that we can assign an appropriate artist.

Do you offer Tattoo Coverage?
We do offer tattoo cover ups, however depending on the size and if your hair or dress will touch it, we do have to warn that there is a chance that the makeup will transfer or rub off through dancing, hugging, etc. Our pricing for tattoo cover is based on the size (diameter of largest part). Our tattoo coverage prices are $20 <3″, $25 <5″, $30 <7″, greater than 7″ coverage is not recommended. Coverage is also not recommended if the tattoo is located in a place that could potentially rub off onto your dress or other’s clothing. Very dark black lines may still show through some, and if the tattoo has a raised texture, the texture will also still be visible. We use our standard makeup for the cover-ups. We do not stock our kits with special body makeup. The best thing to use is DermaBlend Leg & Body Makeup, which you can purchase in your shade and bring with you to be applied by our artist for the best coverage and least chance of transfer.

Do you provide Hair Extensions?
We do not provide hair extensions. Should you choose to use hair extensions there is a flat fee to place and style all of your clip-ins. If you don’t already have clip-ins, click here for detailed instructions to help you while shopping. Click here to purchase our suggested extensions. Contact us if you need more help choosing length or color.

Should I get a Spray Tan?
The choice of whether or not to get a Spray Tan is entirely up to you. If you are planning on getting one for the big day, you don’t necessarily need to get another before your Makeup Preview, be it would be recommended to try in advance. We always custom blend a foundation color the day of to make sure it matches exactly. Something to consider is that sometimes spray tans can look a bit blotchy in photos, even if they don’t in person. If you do decide to do a spray tan be sure to do it exactly 2 days before the wedding so that it fades a bit and also not too early where it starts to be get patchy.

When should I get a Facial, a Wax, etc.?
We have a detailed prep timeline available here. We are also happy to email this to you if you’d like to print one out; simply contact us on the contact page to request a digital download.

When should I book?
We open dates for booking 14 months in advance. Most clients book about 6-8 months before their big day. Our busiest days are Saturdays in March-November. If you are interested in a Saturday during a busy month, contact us as soon as possible to start the booking process. We are happy to accommodate last minute bookings whenever we can squeeze them in. Don’t hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to fit you into our schedule.

What payment types are accepted?
We accept Zelle, PayPal, Venmo, Check, Credit/Debit Cards and ACH bank transfers. Instructions on where to send are found in your contract.

Can bridesmaids pay individually?
The balance payment is due 7 days prior to the wedding. We can only accept one lump balance payment. If your bridesmaids are paying for their own services, please collect the money from them in advance and send it all in together.

Are you hiring?
We are looking for Hair Stylists for all of our branches. If you are interested in applying or know someone who would be a good fit for our team, please email us a resume and portfolio.

Have a question for us that is not answered here? Let us know by sending us your question on the Contact Us page.