6 MonthsFind trust-worthy professionals and visit routinely for a facial, manicure, wax, etc.Grow out your eyebrows and have them professionally shaped. Use brow-enhancing serums to help bald spots or over-plucked areas to grow back in. 3 MonthsGet your hair cut and colored the way you would like to have it for your event before yourContinue reading “BEAUTY PREP TIMELINE”

Brand Photoshoot – Savannah Makeup and Hair

We recently did a photo shoot with Daniel Eastwood Photography to update our head shots. We had a blast walking around historic downtown Savannah, laughing, posing, and being silly. Take a peek, and click on any image to enlarge.

Long Wear Traditional vs. Airbrush Foundation

We receive variations of this question quite frequently. Which type of foundation is better? Which would you recommend? What is the difference? This post will hopefully clear up some of the confusion. We recommend airbrush for the majority of our clients and some of our artists swear by airbrush as the best option so much soContinue reading “Long Wear Traditional vs. Airbrush Foundation”