Long Wear Traditional vs. Airbrush Foundation

We receive variations of this question quite frequently. Which type of foundation is better? Which would you recommend? What is the difference?
This post will hopefully clear up some of the confusion. We recommend airbrush for the majority of our clients and some of our artists swear by airbrush as the best option so much so that they have begun to exclusively offer airbrush.

Long Wear Traditional
What is it? A thick liquid foundation, formulated to last at least 8 hours. Brands we use, Stila, Lancome, Sephora.
How is it applied? Applied using a brush, and sometimes blended with a makeup sponge. We typically blend a few colors together to create your custom shade.
What about the coverage/wear? It is a medium to full buildable coverage, and also a heavier feel on the skin. Great in cooler months, not so great in the heat and humidity. Be careful of possible transfer onto clothes.
Who do you recommend it to? Clients with mature (deep set wrinkle) skin, severe acne, or clients who desire a heavier coverage, and heavier feel to the makeup.

What is it? A thin liquid foundation specifically formulated to be used in an airbrush, blown through an airbrush gun using an air compressor, formulated to last at least 16 hours, and water-resistant. Brand we use; TEMPTU.
How is it applied? We typically mix a few colors together to create your custom shade. The makeup is blown through an airbrush gun using an adjustable air compressor. It feels like a light wind is blowing on your face. It is refreshing and cooling. It is a fine mist with a precise stream. It will not spray onto your clothes or hair.
What about the coverage/wear? Using the airbrush we can control the coverage from a very light finish, to a heavier coverage. Your skin will feel breathable, like you aren’t wearing any makeup. It wears great in heat and humidity, through sweat and rain. Will not transfer onto clothes.
Who do you recommend it to? The majority of clients will love the look and feel of airbrush. It is great for most skin types and anyone who wants to look naturally flawless. Not recommended for very mature clients with deep set wrinkles, clients with heavy peach fuzz or those looking for a very heavy coverage.

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