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Wedding Prep Beauty Routine – Savannah Wedding Hair & Makeup

Here is a timeline for your beauty prep prior to you wedding. These are tips for brides as well as family members, bridal party, or anyone who wants to look extra fresh and fabulous for an event.

6 Months
Find trust-worthy professionals for all of your beauty needs and start building relationships early. Get a facial, manicure, wax, etc and make sure you’re happy with the quality of the services and that you aren’t sensitive to any of the products used.
Grow out your eyebrows to bushy, caterpillar-like proportions and have them professionally shaped once you can’t stand to see them so bushy anymore. Use brow-enhancing serums to help bald spots or over-plucked areas to grow back in.

2-3 Months
Pick out and purchase a long-wear lip color that you love and can have on hand with you during your reception for touch-ups after all the kissing you’ll be doing. Bring this with you to your makeup trial.
Get your hair cut and colored the way you would like to have it for your event before your hair trial.
Complete your Bridal Trial for hair and makeup. You will save yourself a tremendous amount of time and stress the day of your wedding if both you and your artist/stylist know how you’re going to look ahead of time.
Become extremely habitual about your skincare regime. Cleanse, tone & moisturize every morning & night. Eye creams are a must for tired, stressed, dehydrated, delicate skin around your eyes. Exfoliate face & lips 1-2 times a week.
Begin teeth whitening, either at home strips or book a couple professional appointments.

1 Month
Keep up with all of your routines, waxing, facial, teeth whitening, and at-home skincare.

2 Weeks
Hair trim and color refresh.

1 Week
Get a gentle facial from your regular esthetician that you’ve been going to the last few months, using products you’ve already used and have no sensitivities to.

4-5 Days

3 Days
Do a hydrating treatment on your hair and a hydrating mask on your face. (Again only use products you’ve been using for months and are not sensitive to).
Get a full body massage!

1 Day
Get tons of sleep. Don’t party or drink a lot of alcohol the night before your wedding. Do the bachelorette party at least a few weeks in advance.
Drink lots of water.
Gently exfoliate your face & lips; use lots of your moisturizer & eye cream before bed.
Use an at home teeth whitener to maintain your bright smile.

Morning Of
Cleanse, tone & moisturize your face. Gently exfoliate & moisturize your lips.
Wash, condition & blow dry your hair. (This should only be done the night before if you have a very dry scalp)
Use a body lotion with a hint of color all over if you’d like a bit of a warm-glow to your skin.

Send us any questions you have!!!
Happy Beauty Prep!

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